What a week in RMS Go! From crafting skills to nature’s bounty, it was a week of creative triumphs.

Despite the earlier visit from Storm Debi last week, Ruspini RMSGO faced the elements with unwavering determination. Skilfully navigating through the rain and embracing the invigorating winds, our young adventurers sought out open spaces adorned with muddy puddles, turning adverse weather into a delightful and fun exploration.

In Year 1, the focus was on honing crafting skills in preparation for their upcoming Great Fire of London day. Students immersed themselves in hands-on activities, whittling ‘green’ wood to perfection.

Meanwhile, Year 2 ventured to the meadow, where they scattered clay seed balls to contribute to the flourishing of scented flowers in anticipation of spring. Additionally, they embarked on creating nature-inspired Christmas ornaments featuring dried flowers and clay—a perfect blend of creativity and connection with the natural world.

The week concluded with a burst of creativity as the Bluebells in Ruspini and Reception crafted their unique seasonal celebration headdresses. Exploring the forest’s treasures, they gathered natural foliage, weaving together dazzling headgear while delving into the wonders of evergreens.

This immersive experience not only added a festive touch but also deepened their understanding of the beauty within our forest sanctuary.