Get your tickets now for the Senior School production of the emotive and epic Greek Tragedy ‘The Trojan Women’.

Troy has fallen.

Days after the bloody battle, the women of Troy must face their terrible fate at the hands of the victors. The Greeks have slaughtered all the men and children and are preparing to set sail. Hecuba, Queen of Troy, along with all the other women are their captors and are to become their slaves.

The Trojan Women is Euripides’ famous tragedy exploring loss and the cost of war.

Adapted for RMS by our Head of Classics, Mr Matthew Barr, come and experience an evening of live theatre from our wonderfully talented cast and crew.
Production Dates

Tuesday 23rd November

Wednesday 24th November

Thursday 25th November

Friday 26th November

7pm – 9pm (15 minute interval)

RMS for Girls


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