Team Care Bear have been raising money for The Wings of Hope Charity.

We caught up with Alicia (Year 10), from Team Care Bear to give us an overview of their sponsored cycle and fundraising events.

Written by Alicia – Year 10

At the beginning of April: Grace, Imogen, Sienna and myself completed a 50km sponsored bike ride for the Wings of Hope Charity as a part of the Wings of Hope competition for our team ‘Care Bears’.

We aimed to start at 9 am but immediately ran into our first hiccup when one of our bike’s tyres burst. However, we persevered and after some calls for help, we were able to get on a different bike and get going at around 11am. We cycled 51.5km in total around the Hertfordshire area and ended up getting very muddy…

For the bike ride, we managed to raise £220 through sponsorships for the Wings of Hope charity! Before the bike ride, our entire team held a bake sale in Westwood Park selling cakes and other foods we had baked from scratch together. Here, we sold £320 worth of food, bringing our total money raised to £540! 

Congratulations to Grace, Sienna, Alicia, Natalya, Imogen and Anoushka on all their fundraising efforts!