This week, the MedVetDent Society at RMS for Girls witnessed an enthralling Moss Safari, where Year 10 and 12 students delved into the microscopic realm.

By immersing moss in water, squeezing it, and collecting the resulting ‘moss water,’ students peered through microscopes, unveiling a hidden world of organisms.

Their quest focused on spotting the “Big 5” – Tardigrades, Nematodes, Rotifers, and Gastrotrichs. Although initially discovering only Nematodes, the students persevered. With repeated moss squeezes, they eventually uncovered four of the coveted “Big 5.”

This engaging activity not only showcased the wonders of microscopy but also emphasised the vital STEM skills essential for future careers in medicine and biomedical sciences.

Thank you to the RMS science department for their commitment to making science both enjoyable and educational, preparing students for future success.


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