We are fast approaching the registration deadline for our Scholarships and means-tested Bursaries at RMS for Girls.

Sixth Form Friday 4th November 2022
Year 7 Friday 18th November 2022


RMS offers Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sports Scholarships at 11+, 16+ and on occasion at 13+ for pupils joining in Year 9. All-Round Scholarships are awarded at the Head Teacher’s discretion to candidates who show promise in more than one area.

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Bursaries exist to enable pupils who would otherwise be unable to afford the fees, the opportunity to attend our School. A bursary is awarded if an applicant is successful in the school entrance exams at 11+, or is accepted as a student for Sixth Form, the family is eligible for a bursary and there are sufficient funds available. For further information please view the Bursary Policy here.

If you  you are interested in applying for a scholarship or a bursary and would like to discuss this further, please call the admissions team on 01923 725354.

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RMS Scholar and recent leaver Cara commented on her experience at RMS:

‘I remember coming here the first time for a tour and it was so grand and elegant and I remember thinking it was like a dream come true, and it really is a dream come true. Coming to RMS would never have been possible without my scholarship.

There is an amazing support system here. The support and attention you get from staff and the effort they make to get to know you makes such a difference. It is a really individualised experience.  

RMS has given me so many opportunities. I’ve been involved in rounders, athletics, cross country running and netball. I’m also a competitive swimmer. I have been swimming all the way through my time at school, often swimming nine times a week. The school has been so supportive, it was never an excuse but they understood if I needed to leave early or if I had a competition.  

I’m now going to university in the USA on a full scholarship. That would never have happened if I hadn’t come here. Without RMS I wouldn’t have the same drive to succeed, the same values or work ethic. I know that anything is possible if I work hard. RMS has given me real self-belief.’

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