We’re thrilled that Hannah from Year 13, has recently been offered and accepted a HR degree apprenticeship at Amazon.

We recently caught up with Hannah to hear more about the application process, being offered the apprenticeship and future goals. 

Can you give us an overview of what your degree apprenticeship entails and how you’re feeling after receiving the news?

Through this apprenticeship, I will gain qualifications in People Management and Human Resource Consultancy, as well as valuable skills through workshops with the University of Exeter; this will allow me to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

I was ecstatic upon hearing the news; it was a huge relief as I was convinced I hadn’t succeeded in the final stage of the process, which was a virtual assessment centre. For years, I have considered degree apprenticeships as my “Plan A”, so being accepted as part of Amazon’s apprentice cohort is a massive accomplishment! 

Can you tell me about your journey towards securing a degree apprenticeship at Amazon? What inspired you to pursue this opportunity?

Every degree apprenticeship application is tough, and I had applied to several before receiving the offer from Amazon. The initial stages weren’t challenging, as it simply involved uploading the CV that I had created with the help of Ms Pickford, followed by a games-based aptitude assessment (which I enjoyed completing). 

The penultimate stage was a recorded video interview, in which I was asked three questions and had to provide a minute-long response; this questioned my interest in Amazon as a company and HR as a career path, as well as what skills I have that could be applicable in the career.

Finally, I was invited to the virtual assessment centre, which involved a group task with two other candidates, two interviews, and a presentation on a topic that I am passionate about. 

Before joining RMS in sixth form, I had never considered a role in HR, as I was generally unaware of how many career opportunities were out there. However, having the opportunity to speak to RMS' HR Director in Year 12 inspired me to apply for this apprenticeship as soon as applications opened in January.

What role did RMS play in supporting you throughout your application process or in your career aspirations in general?

I am eternally grateful for all of the support that RMS has given to me on this journey, from mock interview practice to opportunities to practice my presentation skills (which was a very crucial part of the final stages of securing the apprenticeship). The feedback I received displays just how much RMS has helped me in achieving this goal, as the interview skills that I have been taught here convinced the interviewers that they were interviewing a graduate, rather than a 17-year-old A-Level student!

Being a student at RMS has allowed me to develop many skills that played an integral role in the application process, such as time management in balancing A-Levels and a part-time job, presentation skills through my role as a prefect and as part of the EPQ process, and some HR experience through Young Enterprise. All of my teachers have supported me through this process, offering guidance even outside of school hours. 

Can you share any advice for students who may be interested in pursuing similar opportunities in the future?

My advice for anybody who has even only slightly considered this path is to submit an application! If you find an apprenticeship in a field that you are interested in, there is no harm in uploading your CV and pursuing the application process, even if you ultimately decide that it isn’t your path. 

Also, don’t be disheartened by rejection. Thousands of people across the country apply to join apprenticeship cohorts, making it inevitable that some won’t be successful – I experienced this too, as I was unsuccessful in 3 other degree apprenticeships before receiving the offer from Amazon. Honestly, it is all part of the experience and makes the success of acceptance that much more rewarding.

Congratulations to Hannah, her hard work and dedication has earned her an incredible opportunity beyond RMS. We wish her all the best as she embarks on this next chapter at the end of July.

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