Today, Tuesday 7th February is Safer Internet Day and we are proud that two of our pupils, Cosima and Lauren, are representing Childnet in the BT Media Tower, raising awareness about online safety.

Both are part of the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme, a youth leadership training scheme founded by Childnet.

A group of RMS pupils from Year 7 all the way through to Sixth Form have completed training modules with Childnet, to become ‘Digital Leaders’, providing them with skills to educate and support fellow RMS pupils.

As a digital leader as I can help people make the right decisions online

- Kiya, Year 7

Last Friday, the team took to the stage to deliver an inspiring assembly to help promote Safer Internet Day, educate their contemporaries on its importance and how to get involved in the event. All with the aim of encouraging their student body to think more about staying safe online.

The message is so much more powerful coming from the pupils. They are prominent in shaping the national debate regarding the internet, its use and its effect on young people

- Ms Rachel Bailey, Head of Senior School

This year, both Lauren and Cosima have been presented with exciting opportunities as part of this Childnet programme, including: live TV appearances, recorded interviews, policy writing and contributing to the development of educational material, such as episodes for BBC Own It.

Cosima recently made the journey to Whitehall to interview The Minister for London and The Digital Economy, Paul Scully MP, to get his thoughts on the Online Safety Bill and the issues that are currently affecting young people online.

This week, Lauren has been interviewed by The Independent, alongside Childnet CEO Will Gardner OBE, to raise awareness around the Safer Internet Day campaign.

Earlier in the academic year, Lauren also took part in a presentation to INSAFE focussing on young people’s concerns about fast social media and the rise of apps like BeReal. She hopes to influence developers to consider the digital protection necessary for younger users of the application.

'This year, I hope that the Online Safety Bill will be passed into law and the internet can revert to being a place for education and communication instead of unachievable standards and unrest'

- Cosima, Year 12

When asked what her hopes as Digital Leader are for the coming year, Lauren responded:

‘This year I hope as a Digital Champion and Leader to put more of a focus on how positive the internet and social media is, how it can be a force for good despite the many dangers and concerns. I want to help teach people how to use it to benefit their mental well-being rather than harm it.’

Be sure to keep an eye out for more media appearances from our Digital Leaders over the coming year and good luck to Cosima and Lauren with your continued campaigning with Childnet.

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Press appearances made by Lauren and Cosima on Safer Internet Day

  • Head to 8.25am / 2hrs 25mins to hear Lauren’s interview with BBC Radio Kent
  • Cosima enjoyed her interview with BBC Radio Guernsey