Year 6 pupil Lois competed at the Middlesex Swimming County Championships, securing gold in the 50m freestyle and silver in the fiercely contested 50m butterfly.

Additionally, Lois achieved personal bests in the finals of the 200m individual medley (IM) and 50m backstroke.

We recently caught up with Lois to discuss a triumphant day at the County Championships:

How did it feel to win gold in the 50m freestyle? Can you describe the moment when you realised you had secured the gold medal?

I was really happy with my time and then I realised that I had won! I was shocked, but felt very proud of myself, as there are some great swimmers in my age group, so the competition was tough. 

Achieving personal bests in the 200m individual medley and 50m backstroke is a great accomplishment. What specific aspects of your training do you think contributed to these improvements?

I am really happy with my 200im final time, breaststroke is my weakest stroke. I have been trying to work on my technique in training to try and improve because it is usually the swimmers with strong breaststroke that seem to do well in the IM.

For my backstroke, I have been working on my body position in the water, keeping my head still, and working on my stroke rate.

What are your future goals in swimming, and how do you plan to continue improving your skills and performance

I would like to try and achieve regional qualifying times. I plan to work hard on my underwater skills, as that is an area I need to improve on, and just to keep working hard on my technique across all strokes.

Congratulations to Lois on her exceptional achievements, we look forward to witnessing her continued success and growth in the future.