This week, RMS hosted a remarkable Parent Information and Support Evening, where the school came together to celebrate Neurodiversity.

RMS students Lily, Alice and Matilda, shared their experiences of neurodiversity within their families; their stories, filled with honesty, humour and positivity, offered invaluable insights into the neurodiversity community.

Many fabulous RMS parents shared their experiences of parenting neurodiverse children offering support and advice to families not only within RMS but also from the local community.

The evening was enriched by the expertise of  Dr. Natalie Moss and Caroline McHugh, whose presence added a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion. 

Attendees left the event uplifted and empowered, having gained a deeper understanding of neurodiversity and equipped with practical strategies to support their children.

It was an incredibly helpful and positive evening, highlighting RMS’s commitment to fostering a nurturing environment where every individual is valued and supported.

A huge thank you to Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Morris & Mrs Manning for arranging such a remarkable event and thank you to all of the speakers for highlighting the importance surrounding neurodiversity.