As the world continues to strive towards gender equality, young people are stepping up to make their voices heard.

This was evident in the recent International Women’s Day celebrations at RMS, where two young leaders, Avanya and Kristy, spearheaded a series of inspiring events and displays.

Avanya and Kristy kicked off the week with a Whole School Assembly where they explained the history of the day and how everyone can embrace equity as individuals.

They also shared the exciting activities they had prepared for the week, including form time activities, new notice boards, competitions for students, and centre doors events. The assembly set the tone for a week full of inspiration and empowerment.

One of the most popular events was the Centre Doors display, where students could write down the names of inspirational women or quotes that had impacted them.

The display also included a doodle map where students could write and draw anything that inspired them or share messages to women around the world. There was also a book station where students could find recommended feminist books, podcasts, videos or films.

Avanya shared her thoughts on the events, “We wanted to create a space where students could come together and celebrate women. It’s so important to recognize the contributions of women throughout history and the impact they continue to make today. We hope our efforts will inspire other young people to take action for a fair and inclusive society.”

Kristy added, “It was amazing to see so many students come together to celebrate International Women’s Day. We are grateful for the support of our fellow students and the school administration. We hope to continue our work through the RMS Council for Women and make a difference in our community.”

The success of these events is a testament to the power of young people to create change. We are excited to see what Avanya and Kristy, along with the RMS Council for Women, will accomplish in the future.