We are delighted to announce that Wendi, a distinguished alumna of RMS for Girls, has won the highly competitive Dryad Education Catalogue Cover Competition.

With thousands of entrants from across the UK vying for recognition, Wendi’s outstanding artwork has earned her a prominent place in this forthcoming publication, due to be released after Christmas.

Dryad Education stands as a premier provider of Art, Textiles, Design, and Technology resources, catering to educational institutions, students, and artists on a global scale.

The Catalogue Cover Competition presented a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their talent, with only four fortunate winners set to grace the coveted winner’s page.

Wendi not only earned a place among the winners of the competition, but her artistic brilliance also secured her a spot on the outer cover of the catalogue.

The winning artwork by Wendi

Her masterpiece, a beautiful painting, was originally crafted as part of her A-Level coursework at RMS, revolving around the important theme of blending diverse cultures.

Mrs Maxine Nichols, Director of Visual arts at RMS, commented: ‘Heartfelt congratulations, Wendi, on your remarkable achievement in winning the prestigious art award for Dryad Education, for which they receive over a thousand entries each year.

Your artistic prowess, entwined with a profound exploration of cultural identity and tradition, exemplifies a rare blend of talent and insight

- Mrs Maxine Nichols, Director of Visual Arts at RMS

Mrs Nichols continued: ‘As you embark on the academic path of archaeology and illustration at university, may this recognition be a prelude to the continued brilliance that undoubtedly awaits you.’

Alongside the prestige of being featured prominently in the Dryad Catalogue, she will receive a £200 voucher as a testament to her exceptional skill and creativity.

Furthermore, RMS for Girls will be awarded a £1000 voucher to enhance its artistic resources, strengthening the school’s commitment to fostering a vibrant creative environment.

This accomplishment not only underscores the talent within the RMS community but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists, encouraging them to explore and express their unique perspectives through the powerful medium of art.

View examples of Wendi’s amazing talent below.