Renowned British television producer Colin Wratten visited RMS today to share his wealth of industry experience with GCSE drama pupils.

With an impressive portfolio, Colin’s work includes hit shows such as Killing Eve, Belgravia, and The Musketeers, along with acclaimed productions like The Witness For The Prosecution and Inside Men.

During his visit, Colin provided invaluable insights into the world of TV production, offering pupils a rare glimpse behind the scenes. From sharing anecdotes about on-set mishaps to showcasing props and bloopers, Colin painted a vivid picture of the reality of life as a TV producer.

Mrs. Newby had the honour of holding the BAFTA award won by Colin and the production team for Killing Eve in 2019.

Thanks to Miss Pickford for organising such an enriching session, allowing pupils to explore the diverse career opportunities within the television industry. Finally, thanks to Colin for his engaging storytelling and infectious enthusiasm, leaving a lasting impression.