Year 12 biologists had a magnificent day at Royal Holloway London last week as part of Rare Disease Day 2023.

At the event, students were offered a range of excellent sessions and activities. One such activity was a “Speed Dating” event with current Royal Holloway undergraduate students. During this event, students were able to ask questions and gain valuable knowledge and insight about studying science and university life.

In addition to this, the students were given a fantastic opportunity to take part in lab sessions where they acted as “disease detectives” and delved deep into the world of rare diseases.

To cap off the day, attendees had a rare opportunity to attend a series of lectures by renowned experts in the field. Speakers included Prof Rafael J. Yáñez-Muñoz, who is the President of the British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy as well as a Professor of Advanced Therapy at Royal Holloway. Other speakers included Dr Juliette Harris, a Specialist Genetic Counsellor, and Dr Alberto Malerba, a Lecturer in Gene Therapy at Royal Holloway.


During the event, some members of the RMS Biology department had the opportunity to catch up with two Royal Holloway students who are also RMS alumnae, Januli and Francesca.

We’re so grateful to Royal Holloway for putting on this superb event, allowing our students to enjoy an educational experience in a new and inspirational setting.