20 photography students from Years 12 and 13 made the short trip to London last week to visit the Tate Modern and Saatchi gallery.

At the Tate, students visited three main exhibitions ‘Performance and Participant’, ‘Materials and Objects’ and ‘Artists and Collections’.

Students had a mix of tasks to do based on their individual portfolio titles; some gathering information on sizing and framing, another group looking at subject matter and meaning and others taking photographs of the architecture and exhibition spaces.

As a photography student I liked seeing the different ways in which photographers display their work and how they created personal stories through pictures.

- Sophie

At the Saatchi gallery, there was a huge range of different sculptures, paintings and structures to explore, which were all under the theme of ‘street life’.

I like how the Saatchi shows more individual work from separate people, as it makes it more personal and intriguing

- Krisha