Pupils studying Mandarin from Years 9, 10, and 12 took an exciting trip to London to visit The British Museum and Chinatown on Wednesday.

While at the museum, they took a tour of the China Section and were tasked with selecting three items that piqued their interest. They diligently recorded essential information about each item, such as its discovery location and date, and its representation of a particular facet of Chinese history.

The group proceeded towards Chinatown and visited numerous shops that specialised in selling authentic Chinese merchandise such as traditional medicines and decorations. It provided them with a chance to brush up on their Mandarin language skills as well.

Pupils then had a great time dining on delicious Chinese Dim Sum, and the bubble tea that followed was a huge hit as well!

The Mandarin trip was a wonderful experience that thoroughly enriched my learning. I got to see up close various incredibly interesting Chinese artefacts and works of art that provided a great link to what I had been learning in class. I also had the chance to try a range of Chinese dishes and cuisines that I had never had the opportunity to try before and without the trip I may never have done! What an amazing experience!

- Angelina, Year 12