Year 12 students embraced an intriguing challenge in Design & Technology this past half term. Their objective was to design a chair capable of supporting Mr. Fitzgibbons’ weight using cardboard. The results were truly impressive, showcasing the creativity and resourcefulness of our students.

Diversity was at the forefront as our aspiring designers explored various approaches to tackle this unique challenge. Some students focused on the chair’s visual appeal, pushing the boundaries of traditional design to create pieces that sparked great conversation. These innovative chairs not only met the typical expectations of a chair but also served as artistic expressions.

Others delved into the structural aspects of cardboard, ensuring they harnessed the material’s internal wave pattern, known as fluting, for maximum strength against compression. They also grappled with the challenge of joining cardboard without using traditional adhesives, drawing inspiration from unexpected sources like shoeboxes and unconventional products to craft inventive mechanisms.

Scroll down to watch Mr. Fitzgibbons test out the chairs on instagram

Two students, Aleesa and Lily, warrant special recognition for their outstanding contributions. Aleesa engineered a complex net that folded into an intricate combination of triangles. Although final dimensions had room for improvement, her innovation and initiative were truly commendable.

Lily reimagined how to assemble cardboard into sturdy triangles, forming a hexagonal shape that effortlessly supported Mr. Fitzgibbons’ weight. Not only did it succeed in function, but it was also thoughtfully designed to fit beneath a standard desk – a remarkable testament to practical design in action.

This project marks an exciting start for our A Level students, and we eagerly anticipate the remarkable innovations they’ll create going forward.


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