This year’s House Art competition at RMS has been a resounding success, showcasing the incredible creativity and talent of our pupils.

With participants from years 7, 8, and 9, the event highlighted the diverse artistic abilities within our school community, all while focusing on a vital theme: endangered species in the natural world. 

Each piece was a unique interpretation of the theme, reflecting the students’ understanding and passion for the plight of endangered species.

We are proud to announce that our house team winners will now have the opportunity to enter the Global Sketch for Extinction Competition. This prestigious event brings together young artists from around the world, all united by their desire to use art as a medium for environmental advocacy. 

The judges were particularly impressed by the depth of research and thoughtfulness evident in each artwork. Pupils combined their artistic skills with scientific knowledge, often accompanying their pieces with informative descriptions about the species and the specific threats they face. This educational component added a profound layer to the competition, turning it into a learning experience for both participants and viewers.

Congratulations to Cumberland House for winning overall (pictured below) and to all the participants for their outstanding contributions.