Headmaster, Kevin Carson praises Year 11s for their character and resilience this year. 

Cumulative % GCSE results for the 120 Year 11 pupils:

% of passes at grade 9:                  25%

% of passes at grade 9 and 8:       48%

% of passes at grade 9 to 7:          67%

% of passes at grade 9 to 6:          85%

% of passes at grade 9 to 5:          98%

% of passes at grade 9 to 4:          99.8%

The Headmaster, Kevin Carson, said,

“I am extremely pleased for and proud of our GCSE students.  They are a wonderful year group who have shown tremendous character through an extremely challenging year.  The pupils and I all wish that they could have sat their examinations this summer; they would have loved to have had the opportunity to prove themselves in a formal context, and we look forward to them prospering in their A Level examinations. 

The excellent GCSE grades that the girls have attained are an accurate reflection of their hard work and dedication over many years.  Our teachers followed Ofqual’s guidance rigorously to produce honest and accurate centre assessment grades. The girls are, I hope, very proud of all that they have achieved at GCSE and looking forward to their A Level studies.   

I am also very appreciative of our RMS parents and of all of my colleagues who have tirelessly supported our pupils throughout this difficult period.  We are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone safely back into school in September.”