This week during RMSGO, the pupils from across the School engaged in a variety of exciting activities.

During their forest expedition, pupils from Ruspini and Year 2 were pleasantly surprised to find a letter from the bears. The letter informed them that Tuesday was National Hug A Bear Day, and invited them to search for hidden teddies and decorate them with natural materials.

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The pupils’ creativity persisted as they prepared a mouth-watering stew using mud and sticks for their newly found furry companions. In the meantime, Year 1 pupils set off on a school ground expedition, sharpening their observation skills to identify signs of autumn, such as dew drops.

In the art room, the students of Year 5 worked together with Mrs. Roston to delve into the fascinating world of seed pods. They used biro, pencil, and ink to create stunning artwork. They then proceeded to sculpt lotus seed pod masterpieces with clay.

Ruspini Bluebells lit up a dark Friday morning with torchlight, leading the way to forest school despite damp weather. They created nature diva lamps adorned with dried flowers while thinking about Diwali.

Reception class ended the week exploring bat roosts in Cadogan House Hall and the essential role bats play in pest control, feasting on an impressive number of insects each night.

Reflecting on Remembrance Sunday, the students discovered that poppy fields are a haven for bats due to attracting nocturnal insects. In a proactive step, they scattered seed balls to ensure a continued source of delight for these winged creatures.

The senior school had their first RMSGO session of the school year this week. Year 8 students embarked on an adventurous journey to The Dell, where the forest provided a wide range of activities. The pupils were quick to take advantage of the natural surroundings.

From the thrill of the tyre swing to the hands-on experience of using loppers to cut green wood, the pupils immersed themselves in the forest’s offerings. Whittling away at wood, some girls showcased their skills, adding a creative touch to the outdoor experience.

Under careful supervision, excited pupils then tried starting a fire – a skill that fosters resilience and a deeper connection with nature.

It was a week brimming with illuminating experiences and insights into the wonders of the natural world.