The Fireflies travelled to the National STEM Learning Centre this week to compete in the CanSat 2024 UK finals in York.

The challenge tasked them with crafting and constructing a satellite, compact enough to fit within the dimensions of a tin can (as depicted below with their team mascot, Ray!), to launch into the atmosphere aboard a rocket and record vital data.

Team Fireflies successfully launched their satellite into the sky, however, the parachute failed to deploy – but amazingly their satellite remained unscathed.

On the final day of the competition, Team Fireflies presented to the judges, and their fellow competitors, ending the day receiving Gold Industrial Awards for getting to the final.

This marks the fourth year running, an RMS team has secured a place in the Finals out of more than 200 competing teams nationwide. It is truly an outstanding accomplishment!

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Congratulations to Team Fireflies for making it to the Final and for all their hard work throughout the process.