Year 1 pupils had a very exciting and educational visit from the Rickmansworth Fire and Rescue Department today as part of their topic: ‘People Who Help Us’.

The young learners welcomed the local heroes into their classroom, where an engaging Q&A session unfolded. Inquisitive minds probed our guests with questions like, “How many people have you saved?” and “How many fires have you put out?”

They also got a hands-on introduction to the equipment inside a fire engine, laying eyes on life-saving tools like super-strong cutters, incredibly long hoses, and towering ladders.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the chance to sit inside a real fire engine.

This visit not only educated Year 1 about fire safety, but also stoked their imaginations with the bravery and dedication of our local firefighters.

A huge thank you to our inspiring visitors from Rickmansworth Fire Station, and to our amazing staff for organising a successful and fun morning.