The RMS Eco-Committee recently planted a tree on behalf of our current Year 7 pupils, aiming to symbolise their growth and sustainability as they journey throughout the rest of Senior School and beyond.

Eco Prefects Sophie and Sofiya hope this tradition will be carried on by future Eco-Committee members for years to come.

We recently caught up with Angelina, Deputy Head Pupil for Community and Development, to discuss the importance of the tree planting initiative and the work the Eco-Committee does.

Can you give us an overview of the work you’ve done in the eco committee and what it’s all about?

Eco-committee is all about incorporating environmental initiatives into our RMS community, from subjects to our physical grounds. Some examples of things we have done are trout conservation, wildlife monitoring through cameras and clothing swaps.

In the eco-committee, we have delved into sustainable paper making and have looked into some new bee hives. We aim to integrate environmental sustainability into our school to help reduce our ecological impact. We are very lucky to have access to our beautiful grounds to carry out these strategies. 

Can you tell us about the tree planting initiative and its aim to become a tradition at RMS?

We aim to highlight the importance of protecting the environment and to inspire the younger students to appreciate and nurture the beautiful grounds we have here at RMS, thanks to Mr Lees and the wonderful grounds team! 

We truly hope that this project will become a tradition as each Year group plants a tree to represent their personal and academic growth throughout their school journey so that one day they can revisit the tree and remember how far they have come.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Eco-committee, for making strides towards a greener future at RMS. Your commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is truly commendable!