Our pupils had an immersive and memorable week of learning about the upcoming coronation, from the youngest Nursery pupils to the Sixth Form.

They participated in various fun activities, including informative assemblies, themed lunches and group singing, all to celebrate this historic event.

One of the highlights of the week was a special interview with Camilla Tominey, an RMS parent, Associate Editor of The Daily Telegraph and a renowned royal correspondent. The pupils were thrilled to hear about Ms. Tominey’s experiences reporting from major royal events and her packed schedule during the coronation weekend.

The RMS Charity prefects have been hard at work encouraging the whole school community to get involved in ‘The Big Help Out’ on Monday 8th May.  The prefects have been actively promoting the event and encouraging their peers to take part in different ways, such as volunteering, picking up litter and visiting a neighbour in need.

The School also proudly handed over their donation to the ‘Spread A Smile’ charity, amounting to over £7000. The prefects have shown great leadership and dedication in their efforts to support these worthy causes, and their actions are sure to inspire others to get involved and make a difference.

Overall, the week was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to learn more about one of the most important events in British history and to deepen their understanding of the role of the monarchy in modern-day society.

see snapshots of the week’s events