Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of welcoming back Old Girls from the classes of 1945-1972.

They were invited by our boarding community, who wanted an opportunity to learn more about RMS history and life as a boarder all those years ago. We were amazed to host a couple of alumnae who had even been here during WWII.

The day started informally, with a welcome from our current boarders, who enjoyed connecting with our Old Girls, looking at old photos and hearing tales about their time at school all those years ago.

Head of Boarding, Kristy, gave a wonderful presentation about life as a boarder today, and this set the stage for a discussion between boarders old and new, about how daily routines, house rules and even dress codes have changed over the years. Our Old Girls couldn’t believe how much times have changed, and particularly the freedoms given to pupils today. 

We were then treated to musical recitals from some of our talented students, including Katrina on the xylophone, and Melanie on the violin, accompanied by Evdokia  on the keyboard. Charlotte and Cyce read out the poems they had composed especially for the day, reflecting on boarding life through the decades.

Following the performances, everyone headed to the Dining Hall for lunch, giving everyone a chance to mingle and share stories.

A highlight of the day were the guided tours led by our current boarders. These tours offered our Old Girls a chance to see their old boarding houses and spark memories for their days in the dorms. Life was much tougher in those days, with girls having to help with daily chores, including cleaning the rooms of not only the house mistresses but the sixth formers too! One Old Girl told us that they had to practice walking up and down the wooden stairs until they could do this without making a sound!  

The day concluded over tea and cake, providing the perfect opportunity for final catch-ups and reflections.

A big thank you to our Old Girls for coming back to visit us, and making this a day to remember. Thanks also to those who were unable to make it, but who generously donated to the Bursary Fund, which helped us raise over £800.

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