Today, the RMS community enjoyed a wonderful morning honouring our students’ achievements and musical abilities at the Cadogan House Prize Day.

The day began with a sense of anticipation as parents took their seats, ready to support their children. Awards were presented to exceptional students, recognising their academic excellence, talents, and contributions to the school community. The atmosphere was filled with joy and pride as parents and peers applauded the deserving winners.

Following the prize-giving ceremony, RMS for Girls’ students put on a captivating concert that showcased their incredible talents. The performances were diverse, ranging from breathtaking vocals to fabulous instrumental interludes, leaving some audience members moved to tears (including most of the teaching staff!).

As we celebrated achievements, we also said goodbye to beloved teachers, including Mrs Brown, who dedicated 22 years to RMS for Girls. Her retirement marks the end of an era, and her impact on students and staff will be deeply missed.

We express our gratitude to the pupils, staff, and parents who worked together to ensure the success of Cadogan House Prize Day. The event fostered a sense of unity, celebration, and appreciation within the School community.