This week, once again, our Prep School students have been venturing out to discover the scenic wonders of our school grounds.

During their adventure in the meadows, Year 1 encountered beautiful wildflowers and vibrant buttercups. They enjoyed holding the buttercups to their chins to see the yellow reflection and learned that the bright yellow color attracts pollinators from far and wide.

It’s currently Hedgehog Awareness Week and so pupils have set up a hedgehog house filled with dry leaves near our forest school area, where it’s cozy and secure. We discovered that hedgehogs appreciate fresh water and cat or dog food, so kudos to those who have provided these items in their gardens for these delightful creatures to relish.

Although Wednesday was sunny, there was a storm brewing during the Year 6 RMSGO session. Pupils were busy building water-tight dens using natural elements, rope, and tarpaulin. Much fun was had as the group sprayed water over their constructions to test if those inside would stay dry.

Year 4 recently tested our new Dragon Sneezes, and sparks were flying! The students have perfected their techniques and can now safely use flint and steel to create sparks that can ignite a fire.

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