We recently caught up with RMS Alumna, Céline Eymery, who shared her inspiring journey post-school. From the halls of RMS in 2019 to the dynamic world of data science at the University of Manchester, Celine’s story is a tale of growth, resilience, and the pursuit of her passions.

When did you leave RMS for Girls, and what did you go on to study and where?

Having left RMS in 2019, I embarked on a BSc in Environmental Science at the University of Liverpool, drawn by its esteemed reputation for academic excellence. The decision to study away from home was a deliberate choice to push beyond my comfort zone.

How well did your time at RMS prepare you for life at university?

My time at RMS laid a robust foundation for university life. The adaptive teaching methods and personalised support not only aided my academic growth but also cultivated vital skills like critical thinking, effective communication, and adaptability.

These skills were instrumental in navigating the complexities of university life, contributing significantly to my overall success in higher education

Could you describe your journey since leaving university? What have you gone on to do and what are your plans for the future?

Post-graduation from the University of Liverpool in 2022, my journey has been dynamic and fulfilling. An internship at Amazon provided valuable experience, and simultaneously, I excelled in an MSc in Data Science at the University of Manchester, achieving a Distinction. This educational pivot from environmental science to data science equipped me with advanced analytics proficiency, particularly in Python, Statistics, and Machine Learning, enhancing my capabilities in data-driven decision-making.

Looking ahead, I plan to embark on a year-long exploration of South-East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand starting in April 2024. Following this enriching travel experience, I aim to leverage my dual expertise in sustainability and analytics in a meaningful career. My goal is to find a role aligning with my passion for sustainable practices and analytical thinking.

In what ways do you feel RMS prepared you for life beyond education?

RMS significantly contributed to my confidence and readiness for post-education life. Despite initial challenges in various subjects, the extraordinary adaptive teaching approach at RMS tailored methods to my individual learning needs, enabling me to understand my unique learning style essential for success.

The versatile foundation gained at RMS continues to prove immensely valuable in my career, guiding and supporting me in various professional endeavours

What advice would you give to current students at RMS thinking about their next steps beyond school?

Reflecting on my journey, I advise current RMS students, particularly those grappling with self-criticism or doubt, to recognise that personal growth often involves stepping outside comfort zones. Embrace challenges as opportunities for learning and development, and trust in your ability to adapt and learn.

The skills cultivated at RMS provide a solid foundation for navigating new experiences and are key assets in your journey ahead

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