Last week, pupils participating in RMSGO celebrated our school’s charity, ‘Spread-a-smile’, by creating smiley faces using stones, sticks, and daisies that they found within the school grounds.

Despite the arrival of the storm, there wasn’t a single frown in sight as we celebrated Sir David Attenborough’s birthday and his many achievements on Monday.

During the times when it wasn’t raining this week, Reception went to the forest to collect leaves and construct a habitat for hedgehogs. Even amidst the sound of rolling thunder, we headed to the outdoor classroom to create clay urchins. Here’s an interesting fact – hedgehogs were originally called urchins before they were named hedgehogs!


This week was significant because it was National Hedgerow Week. It provided a great opportunity for Year 3 and 4 to learn about the significance of hedges, including their role in combating climate change and providing shelter and food.

During our observations, we noticed openings in the hedges that provide access to busy highways hidden amongst the leaves for animals to roam undetected. There’s more to a hedge than meets the eye!

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