Last Thursday, RMS hosted an exciting ‘Oxbridge Chat’ event, bringing together nearly 80 students from four different local schools.

The event provided a unique opportunity for these students to engage in academic discussions, showcase their super-curricular work, and connect with like-minded peers.

For the students aspiring to attend some of the world’s top universities, this gathering was a chance to speak passionately about their chosen subjects and gain new insights from others.

The discussions and informative sessions proved invaluable in preparing these students for their future academic journeys. They will need to navigate various viewpoints and ideas with confidence when they enter university, and this event was a great stepping stone.

It is important that we work with other schools in order to put our students on the spot, challenge them to discuss academically with people they don't know, and to ensure they are fully prepared for tutorial style discussions at some of the best universities in the world

- Mrs Freeman, Head of Sixth Form at RMS for Girls

The students really seemed to take a lot away from the day. It was great to hear them having academic discussions, building on each other's ideas, but also questioning each other and thinking critically. One student commented that it was helpful to think on her feet when she encountered a particularly challenging question. This is really useful preparation ahead of possible interviews

- Miss Duce, Oxbridge Co-ordinator at RMS for Girls

Our appreciation goes out to the participating schools: Watford Grammar School for Girls, Watford Grammar School for Boys, Future Academies Watford, and The Reach Free School.

Students from Watford Girls thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Our students were pushed out of their comfort zone and rose to the occasion, they got a lot out of it and will be able to take this forward into their interviews. Thank you very much to RMS for organising and hosting this event

- Miss R E Aldridge, Higher and Further Education Co-ordinator at Watford Grammar School for Girls

The event wouldn’t have been a success without the dedicated staff and enthusiastic students who made it a fantastic day. The hope is that the connections formed and discussions held continue to thrive beyond the event itself.

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