This week at RMSGO Forest School has been an exhilarating journey! Our primary focus revolved around taking on challenges as part of Dyslexia Awareness Week.

Ruspini pupils unleashed their creativity by crafting their own personal journey sticks, each one narrating a unique story of our forest. Meanwhile, the imaginative young minds of Years 1, 2, and 3 dedicated themselves to constructing forest dens and engaging in insightful discussions about the obstacles they encountered.

Year 5 exhibited their dedication to our school community through their commitment to litter picking, making our forest school even more beautiful. The Year 6 group embraced an exceptional challenge, masterfully designing an obstacle course using only natural materials, demonstrating some exceptional problem-solving skills.

In honour of National Badger Day, Ruspini and Reception classes joined hands to celebrate these remarkable eco-engineers by crafting their very own wooden badgers.

This week has been a dynamic blend of learning, creativity, and a deepening appreciation for both our forest and the surrounding world.