Meet Sahara, Evie and Kitty. All three pupils joined RMS in Year 7 and have a message for those taking their entrance exams this week…


‘Good Luck!’



When chatting about how they settled into life at RMS, all three mentioned the Isle of Wight trip and their fun-filled three days of induction.

Kitty added, ‘being involved in the sports teams helped me feel part of the RMS community. I have made so many new friends through sports… I have a hockey match tonight!’

Sahara mentioned how she loves being involved in the choir and drama clubs, performing in the concerts last term was a wonderful experience.

Finally, Evie pointed out ‘ I was the only pupil to come to RMS from my school and it took me no time at all to settle into my new environment. The teachers were unbelievably kind and friendly and I bonded with my new classmates very quickly.’

We hope you enjoy your day with us this week, if you have any questions regarding the admissions process please contact the Admissions Team.