64% of grades have been awarded A*- A and 85% A* – B.

From the outstanding results this cohort achieved at GCSE, we knew this would be an exceptional year for A Level grades.

We are delighted to announce that 64% of grades have been awarded A*- A and 85% A* – B. The students’ dedication and resilience has shone through over the last two years, their consistent performance at an elite standard has been admired by all and we are thrilled to see such a diverse and inspiring list of future destinations for our leavers.

Headlines include:

  • All 5 Oxbridge students secured their places; 3 Cambridge, 2 Oxford
  • 52 places at Russell Group universities
  • 18 students will be going on to study STEM subjects at university
  • Engineering and Psychology were the most popular courses
  • 41 different university destinations with 27 courses being studied
  • 16 students achieved straight A*s

University Courses Include: 

University of Oxford – Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science

University of Cambridge – Engineering (2), Mathematics

Imperial College London – Chemical Engineering

University College London – BSc Experimental Linguistics, Human Sciences

Durham University – Music, Geography, Geology, Accounting and Finance, Anthropology, Biological Sciences

University of Bristol – Classical Studies, Primary Education, Psychology in Education, Management

University of Warwick – Psychology, English Literature and Creative Writing, Psychology

University of Exeter – Psychology, English, Economics and Politics, Business and Environment, Drama, Politics and International Relations, Business and Management with Industrial Experience, Medical Engineering

University of Leeds – Fashion Marketing, English and Philosophy

​​University of Manchester – Criminology, Economics

Queen Mary University of London – Mechanical Engineering, Medicine

Bristol, University of the West of England – Primary Education (ITE), Graphic Design, English

Leeds Arts University – Fashion Branding with Communication

University of Bath – Social Sciences, Biology, Chemistry for Drug Discovery

Loughborough University – Mechanical Engineering (2), Sport and Exercise Science

Royal Holloway, University of London – Classical Studies

University of Birmingham – Psychology (2), English Language

University of Nottingham – Classical Civilisation, Sport and Exercise Science, Animal Science, Politics and International Relations

Nottingham Trent University – Economics with International Finance and Banking, Fashion Design

Queen’s University Belfast – International Relations and Politics

University of Liverpool – Architecture, Criminology

Swansea University – Criminology and Psychology

Royal Agricultural University – Animal Management and Zoology

University of Southampton – Psychology

Manchester Metropolitan University – Fashion Promotion

Newcastle University – Politics, Medicine and Surgery

King’s College London, University of London – Accounting & Finance

Kingston University – Fashion

Brunel University London – Occupational Therapy

Bath Spa University – Fine Art

Cardiff University – Music, Law

Aberystwyth University – Geography

Brighton and Sussex Medical School – Medicine

University of Brighton – Nursing, Sociology

Lancaster University – Biology

University of Kent – Psychology

University of Lincoln – Business and Management, Animal Management

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama – Acting

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London – Lighting Design

Arts University Bournemouth – Interior Architecture and Design

Royal Veterinary College, University of London – Bioveterinary Sciences

Leiden University (Netherlands) – Economics and Politics

Head of Sixth Form, Clare Freeman commented, “This is a very special year group who have achieved some great results, enabling them to move forward to their chosen university. Each student is an individual who has chosen her own unique pathway, as demonstrated by the wide range of courses and universities that they are going to. We wish them all a very happy and successful future and look forward to hearing how they get on.”

Headmaster, Kevin Carson concluded, “RMS students and their teachers have worked incredibly hard throughout the last two years. Our teachers have successfully navigated ever-changing circumstances and provided a truly exceptional education; RMS students have been adaptable, resilient, and have learnt in new and different ways. I am in awe of them all! The community spirit and support from everybody connected with our school has also been first-rate. I am delighted that the dedication and perseverance of students and staff has been rewarded. Congratulations to all of our pupils – your fantastic achievements deserve celebration.”

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Meet our A* Students

Meet Elizabeth, an outstanding Physicist and committed RMS team player! 


University of Oxford – Integrated Masters In Physics


Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), Physics (A*) and French (A*)

What made you choose a Physics degree? 

“I’ve always been interested in aerospace and astronomy. Having the opportunity to talk to Tim Peak while he was on the ISS was so exciting and confirmed my love for physics. I almost chose engineering but there were so many physics topics that RMS teachers had shown me which I would be sad to never study again!”

The best thing about Sixth Form at RMS?

“The teachers! All my teachers know me so well and really care about my progress in my subjects. The difference in the Sixth Form was the collaboration – we were working together to enable me to achieve my best.”

What co-curricular activities did you enjoy? 

“I made the most of opportunities at RMS. I was a member of the hockey and athletics team. I played in the orchestra and sang in many different choirs as well as performing in the annual shows. I also was part of the CANSAT team which was certainly one of my favourite activities.”

A lasting memory of your time at RMS? 

“Drill is something I’ll never forget! I loved having the chance to spend time with girls from other years while being part of an RMS tradition.”

Meet Amy who started her RMS journey in Reception and now leaves to pursue her dream of studying at the University of Cambridge 


University of Cambridge – Engineering


Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), Computer Science (A*), Physics (A*)

What made you want to study Engineering

“I would like to be a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by using Engineering to design and create the technologies of the future.”

The best thing about Sixth Form at RMS 

“The small class sizes, enthusiastic teachers that stretched me to explore beyond the curriculum, and the many opportunities to work with and learn from my peers.”

What co-curricular activities did you enjoy? 

“Some of my favourites include school drill, tennis, badminton, physics stretch and challenge, DofE, and CANSAT (building a satellite integrated within the size of a Coke can).”

A lasting memory of your time at RMS? 

“I have loved every minute of my 14 years here and I have made so many amazing memories. I particularly enjoyed being a part of the Head Girl Team as we had to take an innovative and agile approach to remain effective during lockdown.”

Meet Annewieke who joined RMS in Year 12 and discovered her passion for engineering.


Queen Mary University of London – Mechanical Engineering


Physics (A*), Maths (A*), Applied Business (Distinction*)

What made you choose a degree in engineering? 

“RMS really sparked my love for physics, and I felt that engineering is the perfect field to combine that passion, with building and designing things that will hopefully one day make a difference somewhere.”

The best thing about Sixth Form at RMS?

“You really felt closer to your teachers. It was less of a teacher-student relationship and much more as equals working together on the same goal to get you your best possible grades! They were always so approachable and so willing to offer you all the help you needed.”

What co-curricular activities did you enjoy? 

“On my very first day at RMS in year 12, you were able to sign up for Drill, which I did! That was such a unique experience! I also joined the Model United Nations team.”

A lasting memory of your time at RMS? 

“My favourite memory of RMS is definitely the trip to CERN, Geneva. It was incredible to see so many different people working on such a huge project. That was really inspiring. A close second favourite memory is one physics lesson where we all kept humming the tune of Sweet Caroline, I’m really going to miss all those little moments.”

Meet Miranda, one of our brilliant head girls in 2020/21 with a passion for computers and dance.


University of Oxford – Mathematics and Computer Science (4 year integrated masters)


Maths (A*), Further Maths (A*), Computer Science (A*) and Physics (A*)

What made you choose a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science? 

“The creativity involved in solving a difficult problem, the elegance of logic, and the entire new world you have at your fingertips when you understand how a computer works.”

The best thing about Sixth Form at RMS?

“How much the teachers care about each individual. They are so well equipped to give one-on-one support for whatever you need, and to help you go in any direction you are passionate about. On top of that, the students care so much about each other too; it is such a supportive environment where everyone feels confident to be unique and take on opportunities.”

What co-curricular activities did you enjoy? 

“Many sports (gym, hockey, netball, rounders, tennis and athletics teams), Fusion Dance Club, Debate Society, Think About It, Physics Stretch and Challenge, Extension Maths…almost all of which I continued right the way through to Sixth Form.”

A lasting memory of your time at RMS? 

“I have too many lasting memories of RMS to even try to pick a favourite; every year and stage of school has brought so many things to look back and smile on. So to give one, I’ll say the entire school singing and dancing in the great hall after House Day, lead by the Sixth Formers, with everyone getting involved and having a great time…even the teachers!”

Meet Caitlin who joined RMS in Year 7 and has been involved in several sports teams while being a key member of our medical society.


Newcastle University – Medicine and Surgery


Maths (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology (A)

What made you choose a degree in medicine? 

“Something about medicine always appealed to me, the idea of dedicating my life to helping others seemed extremely rewarding. The opportunities within medicine are ever-growing and there are new developments all the time.”

The best thing about Sixth Form at RMS?

“The opportunities given to you in Sixth Form are so broad, everything you can think off; no matter the direction you want to head in there is support from all the staff”

What co-curricular activities did you enjoy? 

“I played in a few sports teams; including hockey, netball, badminton and athletics. I also found the MEDVETDENT society extremely helpful throughout my application process.”

A lasting memory of your time at RMS? 

“The teachers who support you throughout Sixth Form will always be a lasting memory for me. Supporting you through the hard times and encouraging you through the good times, they really make RMS special.”

Meet Freya, one of our dedicated Eco Prefects who made time for a wide range of co-curricular activities during her years at School.


UCL – Human Sciences


Biology (A*), Spanish (A*), Geography (A)

What made you choose a degree in Human Sciences? 

“I came across it at an online open day and it combined multiple subjects I was interested in, so it seemed like the perfect course!”

The best thing about Sixth Form at RMS?

The ability to socialise with everyone in the year in the common room, as well as with the rest of the Sixth Form. You’re not separated into classrooms, and friendship groups are much more open and inclusive.”

What co-curricular activities did you enjoy? 

“Throughout my whole school career I’ve always had piano and speech and drama lessons which I loved. I was also been involved in the Army Cadet Force, sailing, Model United Nations and an EPQ in the sixth form.”

A lasting memory of your time at RMS? 

“My friends and teachers! I’ve made friendships which will definitely last and my teachers have been super helpful and supportive throughout my time at RMS.”

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