There are few greater privileges than seeing our girls become outstanding young women. When they leave us, we ask their families to consider donating their deposits to the Leavers’ Fund, which supports bursaries and scholarships for talented girls.

In recent years, most families have kindly supported this Fund and some generously make additional contributions too. We are wholeheartedly committed to widening access to RMS and hope that when your daughter moves on from RMS you choose to support our vision for the future of RMS too.

For further information about the Leavers’ Fund and donating to RMS for Girls, please contact our Development Office: or 01923 725 767.

Coming to RMS would never have been possible ordinarily. I’m now going to university in the USA on a full scholarship. That would never have happened if I hadn’t come to RMS. I wouldn’t have the same drive to succeed, the same values or work ethic. I know that anything is possible if I work hard. RMS has given me real self-belief.

Bursary Recipient, Class of 2022