On Thursday 20th September Year 7 went on a trip to Woodrow High House.

We did many activities and it was the perfect time to make new friends and get to know our old ones a bit better.

When we first arrived at Woodrow it started to rain as soon as we got off of the coach so we all rushed inside to avoid getting wet. As soon as we came in we placed our bags in the brown or green lounge and headed for the red lounge where we settled down and were told what our first activity was going to be.

After the teachers told us about the activities we all rushed out of the red lounge in order to find our group leader. Each group had a letter from A to J. I was in group I along with eight others.

As soon as every one was in the right group we could proceed to our group's meeting point outside where we would wait for our group leader to lead us to our first activity.

My first activity was the night line where you would put on a blind fold and you would have your right hand on the shoulder of the person in front of you and your left hand on a rope which you would follow in order to complete the obstacles and get to the end.

There was a wide variety of activities that we had to complete such as night line, low ropes, puzzles, pioneering, challenges, parachute games, the bridge, and teamwork games.

My favourite activity was the bridge because I kept on falling off and it was a struggle to get back up. It was quite challenging and that was the fun thing about it.

After we finished our first day of activities the teachers told us what rooms we were in which was the most exciting part of it all for some of us!

Before we went to bed we where supposed to go for the night walk, but this was cancelled due to heavy wind so instead of the night walk we were able to pick an activity out of the disco, the quiz or the talent show.

I had the best time of my life and would definitely recommend it as I would go again. This was our first trip at RMS and I am looking forward to the next trips.

I would like to thank all of the teachers who organised this event for us and the teachers who took the time to come with us!

Sienna, Year 7