University highlights, workload management and advice for current students were at the top of the agenda during a joyful visit to Oxford University by Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Freeman.

The group began their catch-up exchanging memories regarding the stand-out moments of their university experience so far.

Computer Science and Mathematics student, Miranda mentioned a recent high point performing with her university dance team at the Natural History Museum in London, dancing underneath the iconic blue whale model.

Talking about life outside of her studies, Miranda gave some wise advice to anyone about to embark on university life: 

Find out what you are genuinely interested in and latch onto that.

Co-curricular activities made up much of the discussion with the group as they talked about day-to-day life at university.

Elizabeth, who is reading Physics at Oxford has immersed herself in the world of rowing and enjoys training and competing with her new teammates.

Eights Week, also known as Summer Eights, is a four-day regatta of bumps races which constitutes the University of Oxford’s main intercollegiate rowing event of the year.

Competing during this event, Elizabeth and her team received a ‘winning blade’ after achieving four bumps overall. Quite an achievement!

Constant studying can be hard going. Try to make the most out of all the other opportunities available to ensure a good work-life balance.

Annabel certainly makes the most of her time in Oxford, keeping busy as President of the Baking Society and member of the LGBTQ+ Society as well as enjoying rollerblading and working as a local bartender.

Speaking about the culture of comparison at university, Annabel says:

You need to be yourself. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Do your degree how you want to do it.

A final piece of advice from Miranda seemed to encapsulate an RMS ethos which has evidently stayed with our leavers during this transition to university:

Don’t try to be the best of the best. Try to be your best

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