On Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th March, many girls from Years 7-13 took part in the Spectrum Dance Show.

As the name suggests, it was themed around colours, which gave us many ideas for new dances such as 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' (pink) and 'One' (silver). We had the chance to work independently to choreograph solos or group dances, as well as Fusion taking part in whole company dances choreographed by Mrs Isherwood and Serena (a Year 13 Fusion choreographer).

Spectrum was a brilliant opportunity for all girls in the School to get involved with school dance and contribute to an incredible performance. We all worked extremely hard to put on the best show possible, so were thrilled to hear all the wonderful compliments we were given after the shows.

Spectrum gave us the chance to develop our choreography and difficult dance skills, but most importantly, it hugely improved our ability to perform and engage with the audience. The dance show was proof of the impressive dance community we have at RMS, and was a very rewarding way of showcasing our talents.

 On behalf of all the girls involved in Spectrum, thank you to Serena, Shona, Sophie, Sarah, Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Isherwood for helping us to put on such a great performance, and to Sophie for taking such stunning photographs, which you can see below