Friday 15th March saw this half-term's Rush Hour Concert in the New Mark Hall, once again featuring a great variety of instruments and music.

Guitar Ensemble:
Kitty, Amy, Mrs Brammeld

Dhyani (Flute)

Eda (Flute)
Lazy Sunday, Roma Cafolla

Emily (Violin)

Ruchie (Violin)
Ready, steady, go now! K and D Blackwell

Richaa (Violin)
Elenke arr. Waterfield

Jayati (Trumpet)
James Bond Theme

Lilly Fielding (French Horn)
Easy Tiger

Cadogan Flute Group:
Charlotte, Eda, Avantika
Around the island, Andy Meyers

Katharine (Piano)
Holiday in Paris, William Gillock

Eliza (Piano)
Birks Works, Dizzy Gillespie

Maya (Violin)
Allegro in G Major, J.H. Fiocco

Hayleigh (Oboe)
Oh my beloved Papa, Gianni Schicci

Megan (Oboe)
America, Leonard Bernstein

Abigail (Violin)
Scottish Brawl

Anna Sophia (Violin)
Allegro, Fourth Movement of Sonata in E, Handel

Intermediate Flute Group:
Alexa, Avantika, Madeleine
Jamaica Sunrise, Kate Cuzner