Today is Mr McNaughton's (JLS) birthday!  Happy Birthday Sir!  

We were a little blurry eyed this morning, arriving at breakfast but soon perked up.  Getting onto a school coach at 7.00am is, for some of us, a new experience, but somehow the world in Bangkok is well and truly up and running at this time, and we are now getting into the swing of things.

Arriving at school, going through security and straight to lesson, was just like being at RMS – but with sunshine!

Everyone went to their timetabled lesson and got together again at break time which was banana cake! ( Absolutely yummy – Eleanor!)  We were then taken off to see the Counsellor for our year.  The Counsellor talked to us about the Thai culture and how important it was to show respect through our dress.  We can't wear shorts to the Temple, and we have to make sure that we keep our shoulders covered as a mark of our respect.  In reality, it is too hot to have shoulders uncovered because we would burn in the sunshine so none of this is a problem to us.  It was explained to us about the death of the King and how a King is considered Divine.  It was a very useful session and the lady was very nice to us, saying if we have any problems in school to come to her.  Then it was back to lessons.  Lunchtime was spent with our buddies, and since it was so hot we went to a Common Room where there was a movie running about Ebola.  According to our buddies they play Lifeskills DVDs in the Common Rooms during lunchtimes.  Then it was time for "Hunt the Timetable"with Emma, who appeared to have put hers down and now could not find it.  

Comments from lessons:  

Rosie – we had Chemistry and were doing experiments on alkaline and acid.  When the colours turned, the teacher called it "pink"but we thought it was more "magenta"!  (The devil is in the detail !- Mrs. A.)

Ella and Emma – History was a bit stressful.  We were learning about dictatorships and people like Saddam and Ghadaffi – but it was an interesting lesson.

Bisola – I can now write my name in Thai language. 

Nishka – we were studying the Tango in music – I had to play a particular rhythm on the drum.

Eleanor – we were doing indicator testing in Chemistry and Circle Theorum in Maths. 

After school, we had been invited for dinner at the Boarding House so we were able to take part in the House football competition.  Emma and Ella both played for their Houses and Rosie, (keep out of the sun Rosie-Mrs. A) Bisola, Eleanor and Nishka supported both them and the Houses they were attached to.  It was very, very hot to be running around playing football, and the matches were short.   Mrs. Adamson is happy to report that both Emma and Ella were considered to be MVPs for their teams with Ella scoring 8 of the 9 goals scored in her match where they won 9:0 and Emma scoring 1 in her match.  After the football was over, it was a spot of basketball and a frisbee game with some of the JLS boys who also had a kick-around with the ball, taking shots at goal with Mr. McNaughton. 

At just before 6.00pm, we strolled over to the Boarding Houses which are located on the other side of the sports fields for a barbeque dinner which was very tasty.  This was followed by a game of blanket volleyball with a number of the boarders and then worm volley ball (?????!! – Mrs A).  We returned to the hotel, arriving about 7.30pm for showers and a little down time.  We thought this would be a good time to have a Homework Catch-up Club in Eleanor and Nishka's room, where Mrs. Adamson found us at 9.00pm for our review of the day.  Some of us had been set homework, which the teacher at HIS said we did not have to complete, but we did it anyway, even though we had our own RMS catch-up to do.  Mrs Adamson then sent us downstairs for drinks and ice cream, and we returned to our rooms to go to bed at the usual time.

Hello to everyone from Ella, Emma, Rosie, Bisola, Nishka, Eleanor (RMS Bangkok Team on Tour!!)