A belated Happy Chinese New Year from the boarders at RMS!

The 5th February marks the start of Chinese New Year, and this year I celebrate my 6th Chinese New Year away from home.

Back home, traditionally my parents and I would have breakfast at a Chinese restaurant then spend the day at my grandma’s where the family would come together, where I would take the opportunity to gather as many red envelops as I could.  To introduce a similar culture in our boarding houses here at school, we made our own red envelops with chocolate coins to give out as well as putting up Chinese New Year decorations around the houses to capture the festive spirit.

At the end of the day, our fantastic Catering team put on a magnificent Chinese banquet with fortune cookies along the way. For some members of the boarding community, the highlight was mastering the use of chopsticks with the meal, but those of us more used to chopsticks were able to help them out! 

Celebrating Chinese New Year in the boarding house is different from how I would normally have celebrated back at home, but being able to celebrate with my second family here at school makes it feel every bit as special.

Natalie, Year 12