Congratulations to Heather whose beautiful poem 'Soldier's Light' has been highly commended following a national competition.

The University of Lincoln ran the The Armistice 100 Prize for Schools Poetry to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War, and was supported by the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. The winning poems, including Heather's, have also been together in a book, the Armistice 100 Schools Poetry Collection, which you can order from the university's website, or download the e-book from Amazon.

Heather says:

"When I entered this competition I had been writing poetry for about a year. I had given some of my poems to my English teacher to read and she said she really liked them, and my family really enjoyed them as well. I thought they were just saying this to encourage me because I was trying something new. As both my teachers and family knew, I didn't feel that I was very good at English because of my dyslexia, but they made sure I entered my two poems. I had forgotten about the competition until an email came through telling me that I had reached the final of the competition. This has made me believe that actually I may have a talent in this area, so I have started believing in myself a little bit more." 

You can read Heather's poem below, which she also read out on Remembrance Sunday.

Here is Heather's beautiful poem:

Soldier's light

I will leave the
Light on for you
The space next to
Her for you
I will make extra
Dinner for you
I will always write
To you

You missed my first
Steps and words
They said 'dadda'
But you weren't
There for them

I read your letters
Wishing for you
To be home soon
I just can't read
That telegram

I can't believe it
It can't be true
Yet I will leave a
Light on for you
I can't believe you're gone
I'm not ready for you to
Be gone

I watch mum
Cry but I try and be strong
But I need you by my side
So I leave the light on
For you
Supper's on the table
When you're ready
To come home

You always said
See you soon
Never goodbye because
You always said I'll
Be home soon
There is no need to fear

I can't say goodbye
But instead see you soon
So I leave the
Light on for you
So you can find your way home