RMS for Girls was delighted to host the ‘We Collaborate Teacher Conference 2024’ on Saturday 8th June 2024.

While much of our time as teachers and leaders is spent working independently, we face many of the same challenges and opportunities.

The ‘We Collaborate Teacher Conference’ brings educators together to learn, network and debate issues we consistently encounter in our educational settings. It is, at heart, an opportunity to meet and create connections with colleagues in the field. We were delighted to build on both local and national collaborations born out of last year’s event.

Leaving this event, attendees felt inspired, with a clearer sense of the value of belonging to a wider community of teaching professionals.

The day offered a collection of workshops, a prominent keynote speaker and a panel discussion exploring diversity in education.

  • Hywel Roberts, the author of Oops! and Botheredness delivered a Keynote on the idea of ‘Botheredness’ in education, designed to reignite the excitement we felt when we entered the teaching profession.
  • Jenny Webb, English Teacher, Assistant Principal and Research Lead at Trinity Academy Cathedral in Wakefield hosted a panel on ‘Diversity in Education’.
  • #WeCollaborate included sessions across all phases on leadership, pastoral issues, behaviour, AI, mentoring, diversity, embedding T&L and student wellbeing. Contributors included Marie Parry, Adam Baker, Kev Bartle, Haili Hughes, Amjad Ali, Heather Hale, Jill Berry, Jenny Webb, Chris Curtis, Ian Timbrell, Bennie Kara, Nicky Bright, Jude Hunton, Sam Crome, Bradley Busch and many more!