Year 5 pupils stepped back in time on Monday to take part in an immersive Victorian experience.

The day commenced with Victorian playground games (jacks, tiggywinks, hoops and cards), a nail inspection and paying a penny to come into school.

After choosing a Victorian name, pupils began a packed day of activities that resembled a day in the life at a Victorian School, including reciting poems and Bible verses, taking part in Drill, creating framed silhouettes and trying their hands at embroidery.

A highlight of the day was a session of singing with Mrs Bentham, which included rousing renditions of the National Anthem and All Things Bright and Beautiful.

To finish off their day, pupils made their way outside to the Lowers to paint the landscape using watercolours.

Thank you to the teachers and staff for making the day so enjoyable and educational.

See below for photos from the day.