Earlier this month, Team Looped competed in the Young Enterprise National Finals.

Out of 945 companies, Team Looped reached the final 13, which is an incredible achievement! We caught up with Aisha (Year 12), Managing Director from Team Looped, to give us an overview of their Young Enterprise journey.

Reflecting on your overall Young Enterprise journey, what would you say were the most important skills you developed?

On behalf of the team, I think it’s easy to say a skill that we have all developed would be learning how to communicate effectively. Initially, Looped faced miscommunication, which led to missing stock. This had caused difficulties amongst us, but we overcame this and learned to ask each other whether tasks were completed and to give offer each other a hand if we noticed anyone was struggling. We also learnt how to interact with customers, make sales and learn different techniques, which is a skill all of us will take in the future.

The most important skill we believe we learned is determination. After changing our products three times,  we never gave up on finding different items we could sell and were never scared to test the waters at sales.With enough time and planning, our study candles have become commercially viable, selling products in local stores and online. 


Can you give us an overview of how the final went?

Although we did not win, the final was a memorable moment for the entire team. It was a time of reflection, and to celebrate all of the hard work that we have put into our company over the past academic year.

What were some valuable lessons you learned about teamwork and collaboration?

A valuable lesson I learned about teamwork and collaboration as a result of young enterprise is  how successful and rewarding the result can be. Teamwork teaches us the essentials in life from social skills like listening and speaking and communicating through different platforms, which our entire team have actively practiced.

Initially, my team were quite hesitant when it came to interacting with customers, but by the end of it, we were all very comfortable and found it exciting and fun. Collaborating with a team of eight creative and skilled individuals has led Looped to an amazing journey filled with success and joy!

Is there anything you’d like to share with us about your own personal journey during this process?

My personal journey with Young Enterprise has been a huge learning experience. As I have been running my personal business for 3 years solo, I was quite interested in what it would be like to run a large enterprise team and experience the environment. It has taught me how to be more organised, creative and has most importantly taught me how to solve problems under pressure efficiently and effectively.

I would like to thank Miss Pickford – our head of careers – for organising all of the events for us and always rooting us on. Additionally, Team Looped’s business adviser Stacey Lewis for devoting her lunches to spend time with our team to improve our enterprise. Both individuals never failed to attend all of our showcases, events and sales and were always so happy to help. I truly believe our success was due to the drive and motivation both Miss Pickford and Stacey had for our team, which reflected back onto us, thank you!