Congratulations to Team ‘Bloomin’ for their remarkable achievement as the runner-up at the East of England Young Enterprise final held yesterday.

The team’s innovative approach to addressing environmental concerns with their motto “Too much bloomin’ cling film” has garnered well-deserved recognition. Their commitment to creating reusable packaging to help safeguard the environment is commendable.

In a world where 76 kg of plastic waste is generated per person each year, and it takes approximately 1000 years for plastic to decompose, Team ‘Bloomin’ was inspired to engineer a sustainable solution. Their determination to mitigate the harmful impact of single-use plastics on our planet led them to design reusable packaging, thereby reducing waste and promoting environmental consciousness.

The Young Enterprise competition provides an exceptional platform for young minds to explore their entrepreneurial spirit while tackling real-world challenges. Team ‘Bloomin’ embraced this opportunity with enthusiasm and demonstrated their dedication to making a positive change.

Their eco-friendly product not only highlights the significance of reducing plastic waste but also encourages consumers to adopt more sustainable habits. By developing reusable packaging, the team has taken a significant step towards minimizing the ecological footprint associated with single-use plastics.

Once again, congratulations to Team ‘Bloomin’ for their outstanding performance and their valuable contribution to protecting our environment.