In a (very exciting!) recent announcement, we revealed the new Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) for the upcoming academic year.

These dedicated individuals have been selected to take on important roles and responsibilities, ensuring the smooth functioning of the school and promoting a positive learning environment.

Leading the PLT are Head Pupils Maya and Hattie, who will provide overall guidance and direction. Assisting them in their duties, Moyin will serve as the Deputy Head of Pupil Support, Molly as the Deputy Head of Charities, Tilly as the Deputy Head of PR, Jhanvi as the Deputy Head of Logistics, Angelina as the Deputy Head of Community & Development, and Kristy as the Deputy Head of Boarding.

The Pupil Support Team will be under the supervision of Grace, the Year 7 Prefect. Chloe Moran and Hannah will take charge of promoting wellbeing among students, while Michelle will be responsible for the Cadogan House. Louisa will assume the role of Ruspini House Prefect.

The Charities Team will be led by Sophia, Sophia, Sophie, Ameerah, and Suhani, who will work together to organize and support charitable initiatives within the school community.

Handling public relations, the PR Team consists of Lily as the Outreach Prefect, Cosima and Natalie as the Marketing Prefects, Helena as the Key Stage 4 Liaison Prefect, and Maaria as the Careers Prefect.

Ensuring smooth logistics, the Logistics Team will be led by Rebecca as the Events Prefect. Laura and Amanda will serve as the Tour Prefects, while Imogen will oversee the operations of Hind House as the Prefect. Hayleigh will focus on enhancing academic enrichment.

The Community & Development Team will work towards various aspects of student life. Jenna will take charge of life skills, Leah will promote diversity, Sara will be the voice of the students, Sofia will lead the sports initiatives, and Sophie and Sofiya will focus on environmental concerns.

The Boarding Team will be responsible for creating a supportive and inclusive boarding experience. Leah will serve as the International and Diversity Prefect, Michelle will organize events, Sukoon will oversee Connaught House, Natalie will lead Zetland House, and Sophia will represent Harris and Forces Boarders.

In addition to the Pupil Leadership Team, RMS for Girls also announced the Head of Houses. Madeleine will head Atholl-Sussex House, supported by Deputy Head of House Maddie. Avantika will lead Years 7-9, and Veronica will lead Years 10-13 in Atholl-Sussex House.

Sofia will take charge of Cumberland House, with Alice as the Deputy Head of House. Katie will lead Years 7-9, and Evie will lead Years 10-13 in Cumberland House. Olivia will head Moira House, with Suhani as the Deputy Head of House. Darcey will head Scarbrough House, with Amelia as the Deputy Head of House.

With such a diverse and capable team in place, the students of RMS for Girls can look forward to a productive and enriching academic year ahead. These leaders are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment, ensuring the holistic development of every student at the school.