Fifteen pupils from RMS, divided into three teams, participated in the renowned CANSAT engineering challenge this year.

The challenge required them to design and build a satellite, the size of a tin can, that would be launched into the atmosphere with a rocket. After its launch, the satellite was responsible for collecting and sending data to the ground team.

By participating in the program, the pupils acquired valuable skills and had an eye-opening learning experience that will assist them in making informed decisions about potentially pursuing a career in STEM fields.

The Industrial Cadets program is a charity supported by King HRH, that aims to connect young people with industries related to STEM subjects.

The CANSAT competition awards a Silver Industrial Cadet award to the teams that reach the milestone of a successful satellite launch at the Regional stages of the competition, and a Gold award to the top twelve teams that are invited to the National Finals.

Every pupil in our program earned a Silver award, and the group of six who made it to the National Final were awarded a Gold prize, competing against teams from schools across Europe at the National STEM Centre and Elvington Airfield in York.

For three consecutive years, an RMS team has made it to the Finals out of more than 200 teams across the country. What a remarkable achievement!

Well done to everyone who participated, playing a part in continuing RMS’s successful participation in this competition.