This week, we warmly welcomed RAF helicopter pilot and RMS alumna Holly Steel, her crew, and their impressive helicopter back to RMS as our special guests.

After a spectacular landing at 11am on our sports field, the crew gave excited pupils and staff from across the school the rare opportunity to examine the helicopter and even sit inside the cockpit.

Holly is now Squadron Leader at RAF Shawbury in Shrewsbury and we were lucky to have her share an inspiring talk during our whole school assembly, telling us about her time at RMS and her journey towards chasing her dream of joining the armed forces and becoming a pilot.

Holly added:

“If I could say one thing to a current RMS pupil it would be: if you don’t know what you want to do in life yet, don’t worry. Find what makes you happy, what gets you up in the morning, and be the best person that you can be; that may lead you to your vocation.

For me, life is more about the journey than the destination and I seek out every opportunity that I can. That started at RMS when I was given so many opportunities from academics, to sport, to music; the list was quite long. Take the opportunities life presents you with and have fun!”


At the end of the day, the whole school made their way back onto the sports field to wave the crew off as they departed back to base.

The fact that Holly was a student here at RMS, and spoke so passionately about how the whole 'RMS' rounded experience had helped her become so successful in a largely male dominated field, was very inspirational

- Miss Liz Pickford, Head of Careers

Thank you to all who worked hard to make this thrilling event happen, and the Holly and her crew for such an incredible day.