RMS hosted an engaging and exciting ‘Oxbridge Chat’ event, bringing together students from five local schools.

This session provided a fantastic opportunity for discussion, collaborative learning, and connecting with peers who share similar interests.

The discussions and informative sessions were incredibly valuable in preparing these students for their future academic paths. This unique experience not only enhanced their critical thinking skills but also broadened their academic horizons, preparing them for the rigors of Oxbridge interviews and beyond.

It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to talk around some challenging questions and engage with resources that made them think widely around their subjects. Having students from Croxley Danes, Reach Free School, Queen's School, Watford Boys and Watford Girls meant that our students were pushed out of their comfort zone through challenge from and discussion with other highly academic students.

- Mrs Freeman, Head of Sixth Form at RMS for Girls

Year 12 students were grouped according to which subject they wish to study at university. They were given some challenging critical thinking questions to discuss, which would prepare them for Oxbridge interviews; and an academic article to read to prepare them for any unseen material. This was to mimic the tutorial and supervision style of learning at Oxbridge. Students had the opportunity to learn from one another, demonstrate their subject passion, and even recommend some interesting wider reading to one another!

- Miss Duce, Oxbridge Co-ordinator at RMS for Girls

A big thank you to the dedicated staff and enthusiastic students who made the event a resounding success!

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