There was much happiness at RMS today as over half of our students attained A* to A grades at A level.

Our Year 13 pupils gained a wonderfully impressive set of A level results, with 76% achieving A* to B grades.

Delighted RMS students headed off to their first choice universities studying courses as varied as Mathematics, Economics and Politics at Durham; PPE, Ancient History, Modern Languages and Economics at Warwick; Music at Cardiff; Engineering at Leeds and Bath; Neuroscience at Queen Mary; and Computer Science and Mathematics at Bristol University.

Headteacher Kevin Carson said:

“I would like to congratulate all of our leavers on these exceptional results. They have responded to the disruptions and uncertainty of the pandemic years by displaying remarkable determination and adaptability, and they can take great pride in their achievements.

My congratulations also go to our superb teachers and support staff at RMS who have shown tremendous dedication and professionalism in supporting our students. In a year when the fall in top grades in the UK is the largest on record, for RMS students to achieve 23% A* grades and 52% A*-A grades is a further indication of the tremendous strength and character of the entire RMS community.”

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ RMS student and our leavers’ paths are many and varied, but this cohort all have bright, exciting futures ahead of them, and we look forward to hearing about their future accomplishments.

- Kevin Carson, Headteacher

I could not be more proud of our class of 2022 and their achievements.

- Clare Freeman, Head of Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form, Clare Freeman commented:

“Our class of 2022 have thrown themselves into the life of the school, have led our pupil community, and have achieved truly excellent results.

RMS Sixth Form students do so well as a result of them each developing a passion for their subjects and being encouraged to develop those passions through the incredible range of extra activities on offer within and beyond the subjects at RMS.

“Their wonderful teachers recognise each Sixth Form student as an individual. Some pupils fly immediately, take RMS Choices to supplement their learning, and run clubs themselves to excite the next generation.

Equally, some students may need more support through the Sixth Form and will take advantage of individual time with subject teachers and mentoring with the Sixth Form team to build their confidence.

This personalised approach means that each student is encouraged to gain the independence required for their next stage while putting in support and increasing confidence where needed.

These wonderful examination results and the students’ exciting onward journeys are testament to that.”

% of passes at grade A* 23% 14%
% of passes at grade A* and A 52% 28% 
% of passes at grade A* to B 76%
% of passes at grade A* to C 92% 82%
% of passes at grade A* to E 100%