Last week in RMS GO, our Nursery and Prep School pupils spent time learning more about our planet, the environment and how we can reduce our carbon footprint as part of Earth Day 2023.

Nursery and Reception learned that potatoes come from a plant and we call them ‘root vegetables’ – and now we are growing our own! Planting seed potatoes, they carefully added soil and water. All they need now is sunlight.

Year 5 have been celebrating trees and discussing how important they are to help fight global warming. We also discussed what we could do as individuals to help reduce waste in day to day life. We then explored the forest, and using tape measures we researched how old some of our trees are. We found one that was 127 years old!

Year 4 explored the meadows of our stunning site and planted some more wildflower seeds. We discovered that a third of the world’s food relies on pollination, so we must keep our bees and butterflies happy!

Year 1 went off track and explored our vast grounds to identify signs of spring, finding plenty of bluebells, primroses, daffodils, birds, butterflies and bugs.

At RMS, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in the great outdoors.

We’re so proud of our RMS GO programme, a year-round outdoor learning experience that begins in Ruspini and continues through Prep School. Find out more about life beyond the classroom here.